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As part of its mentorship program, the Mwangaza Magazine hosts an online forum dubbed ‘Mwangaza Online Session’ in which a guest is invited to share on a topic of choice. Here is the session with Victor Korir.

Why do people call you Mysson Humane?
I am Victor Korir. Most people would recognize me as Mysson Humane. I use Mysson Humane as my pen name, which comes from the phrase ‘Mission For Humanity’. That is the line which drives me and dictates every direction that I take, both as a mentor and a writer.

Who is Mysson Humane?
I am going to start with a brief story. Born in a family of five brothers, and being a third born, my dreams of ever going to a high school were far fetched. My two elder brothers had dropped out at class eight because of lack of fees, yet there I was, eager and ambitious. The future seemed bleak then, and in one way or another, I was definitely going to join my elder brothers in picking tea. However, my eyes completely opened when I was in class six, and I realized that we all had immense power to turn things around by inclining our minds towards positivity. I devoted my time to studying very hard. My school was underperforming, and trust me, I couldn’t even dream of going to an academy, where could all that money come from? During my time, the best performing student used to get 270 or less marks in the KCPE.
I knew one way to ever see the light, was to do really well. This is the point where I will say, if you are really passionate about going somewhere, and take God along with you, you will always reach the destination. We just have to step into the darkness, hoping that somehow we will find the light. Using the same resources, same teachers and same discussion groups, I managed to score 390 marks in my KCPE. This was when everything changed. I got a sponsorship and that’s how I ended up in high school. I look back, and I must say that this was purely the works of God. Through Him everything is possible.

Why do you believe in the power of empowering, nurturing and drawing people to realise their dreams?
I am a really big believer in the dreams of our young people. Something that has always fascinated me is the immense potential that lies deep inside each and everyone of us. We all have that spark inside us, we can do more and we can become more. However, that spark requires some ignition. Mentors play a great role in challenging people into greatness.

Apart from poverty, what other obstacles did you meet in your way to success?
I would say lack of mentors, people who would tell you the possibility of a future and creatively craft that future into your head. My greatest inspirations though came from my parents. They assured us that things will always get better, and that we must cling on to what we believe in no matter the circumstances.

How do you ensure in your empowering process that the participants come out and unfold their dynamic potential to make it a reality?
I must surely say that founding Dream Possible Kenya is the best initiative ever in my life. I had this great idea when I was in form four, but only actualized it during my first year in campus. It’s quite hard to work as an individual, but if you have a team that buys your idea, the impact is massive. I approach MENTORSHIP as a journey. Once you have your mentee, you give them a taste of how you do things, and how you view the world.

How has the recognition of your writing by UN influenced change among the youth?
I believe mentorship is not taught, it is shown. The recognition really challenged my fellows to try something new, and seize every opportunity that come and go. I mean, if he could do it, I can as well do it! It’s one of those awards that went down to challenge people to pursue their dreams no matter how long they take.

When did you start Dream Possible?
I started Dream Possible in 2015, during my second semester in Campus. Our slogan actually is, ‘We Gave Up Giving Up, So We Wake Up to Make Up’ We realize that our pursuit of our dreams is not a smooth journey, but we have to fight for what we believe in however the price.

What has kept you going till now?
I love seeing people win. There is something magical in putting a smile in someone’s face. Trust me we do not need much. Sometimes it’s just a coin dropped to a street child that allows him to see another day, or a congratulatory note to a total stranger on Facebook. So what keeps me going is seeing people win. I love seeing a street child transform into a completely new version of herself, a right to every human being on earth.

How do you feel when the power within oneself is put into action and deliver results to the society?
The feeling is something you can’t simply describe it in words. You see, there is no greater joy than the one you get from seeing someone smile, and deep down within, you know you are the reason behind it.
In this fast paced world we live in, it’s very easy to give up. What I encourage dreamers is to associate themselves with people and platforms that believe and buy into their ideas. Friends, colleagues and mentors can really keep you going

What are the major activities done by Dream possible?
Dream Possible is a talents appraisal and a mentorship organization. What we do include: Public speaking trainings, High school and primary schools mentorship sessions, orphanage visits, Talents appraisal programs.
We are still growing, but our plan is to actually create a great resource center that equips all our mentees with skills in all their specific talents. The program will come with full development of a mentor for a better world.

What course did you pursue in campus? Did you have a team with similar interest? What was the very first thing that made you actually say that Dream Possible has hit the road?
I am pursuing Analytical Chemistry with management. When I joined campus, I joined different clubs, including writers guild. I made really cool friends, and I shared my idea with some of them, and they thought it was really amazing. One day, I sat down wrote a complete plan, and I called my like-minded friends into our ever first meeting. It was a historic night, a night when we shot a movie and decided to fly, and promised never to lean.

So what was the first thing you guys did?
We started rather casually, after the first meeting I had with the team, I assigned roles to each and every member, big roles, you know, Talents appraisal, Brand Ambassador, Financial Manager etc. This really made the team members feel that were the real owners of the platform, and that they had to make it work. Then we planned our first mentorship in a school nearby. We were only 7 of us, and it was a great experience. Then we started now inviting people who would like to join as mentors into the team.

So when you went to that school you just talked to them?
It was a primary school, we did one hour of MENTORSHIP, and the other hour was a moment in the field. Ever been in a situation when it’s time for the pupils to go home, but they want to stay till seven? This improved confidence of our team members and we were really excited to doing this over and over.

What about the major challenges that you are facing?
The major challenge currently is finances. Money isn’t everything, but when you are starting, it limits the extent of your services. How many schools you visit, how often do you go to orphanages etc.

I bet there are a number of strategies you have in place to raise finances?
Yeah, definitely. Our sources currently are not sufficient and our main strategy is to start an Online Magazine. This is itself another really big startup associated with Dream Possible, and we have a crew to handle everything about it. Branding and designing is in ongoing.

Are you taking up like minded people with same agenda. As in what would one do if they wanted to join your course?
Of course! We would really love to get more people who believe in what we do into the team. Our only requirement is to participate in our Get To Know You Interview. This can be done on site if you are in Nairobi, or via phone if you are a bit far. You can inbox me or mail

How has this benefited you as a person?I understand at some point we all need to maintain ourselves so do these activities translate into financial advantage at any point, because as much as you help, you would also want to somehow help yourself.
That’s right. Our main reward is the impact that we leave in our mentees. These little things are what make a whole difference, and they are the foundations upon which the platform is built. However, as the platform grows, we need to sustain it. Therefore we have strategies to generate income into the organization. I am really hopeful that the platform will one day be able to reward our mentors, pay the employees as well as fund some of our mentees’ projects. Our dreams are huge, and we believe in them.

Allow me to really applaud what Mwangaza Magazine is doing. As I might have mentioned before, I believe in the power of a pen. Writing is the greatest tool you could ever have, and it can turn everything around. Being a writer myself, I know there are moments when we feel like quitting.

You start a blog, pen down two or three posts and oops! Last published article was 2 years ago. Some of us got manuscripts abandoned, expired domain or a lost writing spirit. Seriously people, we didn’t come this far, only to come this far. We have a whole life ahead of us, and there is so much beauty in our dreams. So let’s write until our pen runs dry, trust me your writings will buy you some more ink. So that you can continue writing.

As a writer, it’s also quite imperative that you think long term. Pave out your path and trek on it. Do not wait for the perfect moment, every moment is perfect for you to dive in and get moving.

What is your parting shot?
No dream is too huge for grasping. It’s never too late to go back to the drawing board and start over. The best way to start doing something, is to start doing it. And always remember, you didn’t come all this far, to only come this far.
Thanks so much. Stay blessed. Stay motivated. And stay inspired.



  1. This has really motivated me. And actually is a great step you have done so far to dream possible kenya. I say to which position we shall be we will fight and be at each others back Your excellence.

  2. It is very inspiring and am loving his work.
    He was my classmate back in highschool and all he says is based on fact not creativity as a writer.

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